Vase NUIT ENVOÛTANTE – terre cuite – poterie de Sejnane

Enhance your interior decoration with our Sejnane terracotta vase, a true work of art crafted by hand. Inspired by Tunisian Berber craftsmanship, this unique vase perfectly illustrates the fusion between tradition and originality.

Dimensions: ø16cm xH25cm


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Our NUIT ENVOÛTANTE Vase in Sejnane pottery is handcrafted using traditional techniques with a touch of modernity. This exceptional art showcase is the expression of the talent of the women of Sejnane. Their skills, inherited from many generations, shine in every aspect of the vase: from its natural silhouette sculpted from pure clay to its intense black hue derived only from natural pigments. This dark, elegant color introduces a sophisticated dimension to your space, blending harmoniously into various decorative contexts.

While being a contemporary artistic piece, ENVOÛTANTE NUIT is also an emblem of ecology and sustainability, made while respecting traditional methods, thus helping to protect our environment. By opting for this vase, you support local crafts and ensure a profit for these remarkable artisans.

ENVOYANT NUIT is not just a simple decorative object. Above all, it symbolizes the excellence of Berber craftsmanship, paying tribute to the world-renowned talent specific to Sejnane. To learn more about the art of Sejnane pottery, we invite you to consult our dedicated article on our blog.

Care instructions: To maintain the shine of the vase, clean it with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and moisture, and handle with care to prevent damage.

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Dimensions 16 × 25 cm

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